Details for Tai Chi - Free Class!
953000-A (Fitness & Health Programs)

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Resident: 03/29/2018 @ 8:30A - 03/01/2019 @ 8:30A
NonResident: 03/29/2018 @ 8:30A - 03/01/2019 @ 12:00A
Min Count: (3), Max Count: (25)
Ages: 16 years and Up
Drop In Class!

Tai Chi originated in ancient China and is practiced for its health benefits throughout the world by people of all ages. Slow, gentle and relaxed movements are combined with focused, deep breathing. It can be done standing, sitting by just about anyone in any location. Tai chi enhances relaxation and focus, reduces pain and stiffness, increased balance and strength and can even relieve some symptoms of insomnia and depression. Join us for this FREE health and wellness opportunity!

Bring your water bottle!

Classes will take place at 575 Dorset or @ the Wheeler Homestead off of Dorset Street depending on the weather.

5/30/2018 Update: This class is taking place at the Wheeler House.

Open to These Grades: N/A
Time Day
10:30A to 12:00P Tue